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10 Coolest Geek T-shirts That Will Turn Heads

Geek tees are awesome. But here, we give you the 10 most awesome and the coolest geek tees that will turn heads and assure compliments once you wear it! Items listed are in no particular order.

10. I FIXED IT! Android robot fixes Apple logo!

Suitable for Android fans, this will surely get a few compliments and annoy one or two Apple fanboys.


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Ever seen a warning on TV that says “Don’t try this at home”? This guy ignores the warning.


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8. Geek Inside.

The iconic ‘Intel inside’ logo has been turned into numerous funny ideas for t-shirts. This one is a special one for geeks only.


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7. Android robot eats Apple logo.

This is another treat for Android fans out there. An Android robot eating an Apple logo, this image sure will make those annoying Apple fanbois turn their heads to look at your shirt. Available in all different colors.


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6. I don’t need Google, my wife knows everything.

Cool shirt for all hubbies out there. Even Google doesn’t know what your wife knows. Lucky bastards. LOL.


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5. Please wait, I’m thinking. With Cancel button.

You’re thinking? Need time? Great. This shirt will make things easier for you, no need to say anything, everyone knows you’re in thinking mode. Available in dark and light colors.


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4. I’m thinking. Loading… please wait!

Another version of number 5 above. The same idea, only sleeker and prettier. Loading almost complete. This one is only available in dark colors though.


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3. Never forget.

All hand in hand now. Still remember the glory days of cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and floppy disks? Well, never forget. Novelty, retro.


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2. I’m not lazy, just buffering.

They recharge. You buffer. Inspired by the dreaded buffering icon we all hate to see when streaming.


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1. USB, I am your father. Noooo!

Funny conversation between USB disk and floppy disk. Floppy disk telling USB he is his father. Great as a gift!


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We hope you enjoy our list! More lists and reviews coming up. Till next time.


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